“Lions” of Security and Diplomacy Support Morocco’s “Epic” in Qatar

Three Moroccan officials were keen to support the Kingdom team from the stands of Al Thumama Stadium in Qatar, in a spontaneous footage that harmonized with a football epic.

The match between the Lions of the Atlas and the Canadian national team was attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Nasser Bourita, Director of the General Directorate of Studies and Documentation Yassine Mansouri and Director General of the National Security and Territorial Surveillance Directorate Abdellatif Hammouchi.

The lens of the photographers spotted Moroccan officials as they monitored and supported their country’s match to qualify for the second round of the World Cup finals from the stands of Al Thumama Stadium in Qatar, which hosts the tournament.

Moroccan officials were pleased with the historic win of their national team, 2-1, over Canada, and to qualify for the tournament finals.

The Moroccan officials’ attendance and their reaction to the match and the Lions of the Atlas’ victory was widely praised on social media.

Tweeps unanimously agreed that the picture sends positive messages, creating an epic and mutual support between the people and their officials, far from protocols.

The pictures of the officials and their reaction to the events were widely praised and appreciated by fans.

Emir of Qatar

It was not only the presence of Moroccan officials at Al Thumama stadium that sent positive messages, local and Arab, but also a celebration by the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad, of the Moroccan team’s victory.

After the Moroccan team’s victory over its Canadian counterpart, the Emir of Qatar raised the Moroccan flag amid enthusiastic atmosphere in the stadiums and distinctive celebrations by the fans, in a symbolic move charged with messages of unity under the Arabic sign.

The Moroccan national team qualified for the second round of the World Cup after defeating Canada 2-1.

With this historic achievement, the Kingdom officially guaranteed its qualification to the second round with 7 points, leading Group Six.

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