Lived without money for 15 years… British man abandons money and technology


A British man named Mark Boyle decided to abandon money and technology 15 years ago and live a simple life in nature.

Boyle has found happiness in this lifestyle, seeing money and technology as two main causes of problems in the world.

He grew up in a modest environment and worked in a well-paying job after graduating from university. He led a comfortable life, enjoying shopping, buying the latest mobile phones, and dining at fancy restaurants.

However, one night in 2007, during a discussion with a friend, Boyle realized that money is the root cause of most problems in the world. He then decided to try living without money.

Boyle sold his luxurious houseboat and moved to an old, mobile home. The first few months were challenging for him as he needed to adapt to a life without the comforts he was accustomed to.

But over time, Boyle became happier and more content with his new life. He found that friendship is the true security, not money.

In 2017, Boyle decided to avoid using most technology. He found this lifestyle to be both simpler and more complex at the same time.

Boyle hopes to inspire many people to rely less on money and technology.

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