Macron declared that the leaders of the Mediterranean want to finish the unilateral actions by Turkey

After the summit of seven EU Mediterranean leaders in Corsica, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, reported on Thursday that Europe wants to renew dialogue with Turkey after weeks of tensions in order to end the unilateral actions by Ankara.

He also said: We want to reengage a dialogue…we are not naive but we want to reengage in good faith, adding: It is genuinely by restoring normal relations which allow stability in the region with Turkey, to obtain the end of unilateral actions.

Indeed, in a statement issued on Thursday, the Mediterranean littoral members of the EU that met for their seventh summit in Corsica, France, declared that they repeated their full support and solidarity with Cyprus and Greece in the face of the repeated infringements on their sovereignty (…) as well as confrontational actions by Turkey.

They also reported: We maintain that in the absence of progress in engaging Turkey into a dialogue and unless it ends its unilateral activities, the EU is ready to develop a list of further restrictive measures that could be discussed at the European Council of Sept 24-25.

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