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A huge explosion shook a Jordanian army base in the city of Zarqa

In Jordan’s city of Zarqa, a huge blast has been heard and many videos on social media presenting a big ball of fire illuminating the night sky.

A security source informed Reuters that a series of huge blasts shook a Jordanian army base situated outside the city of Zarqa on the northeastern edge of the capital Amman. Moreover, many Jordanian media related several wounds as a consequence of a blast at the al-Ghabawi ammunition depot area in Zarqa.

In a statement, the Government spokesman, Amjad al-Adaileh, reported that so far no injuries have been recorded. In fact, an initial inquiry concluded that the explosion was caused by an electrical short circuit in warehouses situated in an isolated and uninhabited area which was under camera surveillance.

Furthermore, the army, which rapidly closed the area, admitted that there had been a blast in one of the ammunition depots which is being dismantled near the city of Zarqa.

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