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Major Violations: The Most Prominent Crimes of the Houthis Against Teachers, Lawyers, and Civilians

The human rights organization “Mayyun” called on the United Nations Security Council and the United Nations to intervene swiftly and exert pressure on the Houthi terrorist militias to pay teachers’ salaries and halt the violations against them.

In a statement released through its electronic platforms yesterday, the organization expressed its solidarity with the demands of the Teachers’ Club in Sanaa, including the payment of salaries that have been cut for years. It denounced the repressive methods employed by the Houthi militias to force teachers to work without taking any practical steps to ensure their monthly salaries are delivered from the revenues of institutions under their control, similar to many other entities and organizations affiliated with them.

The organization expressed its concern about the severe suffering that teachers and their families are enduring, and the lack of regularity in the educational process in the current academic year due to the intransigence of the militias and their practices against teachers.

The organization warned of the worsening trend of a large number of male and female students dropping out of schools, making them vulnerable to the recruitment efforts of extremist groups, and the increasing numbers of recruited children.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni Lawyers Union revealed today that the lawyer Abdul Fattah Al-Suhayqi was kidnapped by Houthi elements led by an individual with the pseudonym “Abu Faruq.” The union accused the Houthi leadership and the police of the seventy regime of being behind the arbitrary and unlawful abduction of the lawyer, in an attempt to deter lawyers from carrying out their legal duties and responsibilities.

The union stated in a statement published by “Aden Time” that Al-Suhayqi was kidnapped seven days ago and is still in the custody of the militias. It clarified that the abduction was carried out based on personal orders from influential individuals with the intention of seeking revenge against him due to disputes he had with them before the judiciary.

On another note, tribal sources confirmed that the Houthi militias are besieging the village of Al-Rakbein Beni Dhubyan in the Al-Hada district of Dhamar province with 30 patrols and armed groups, accusing the village of being behind the killing of the Houthi leader Naaman Wasel.

The violations of the Houthis also extended to their own members. A Houthi-affiliated leader in the capital, Sanaa, revealed that the militias have surrounded his house with military vehicles for days due to his demands for employees’ salaries and his criticism of the rampant corruption practiced by the group.

Ismail Al-Jarmozi, a high-ranking official affiliated with the Houthi group and a government employee, said in a statement reported by “Yemen Voice” that a person impersonating the Interior Minister within the pro-Iran militias, Abdul Karim Al-Houthi, sent several units of what he called “Special Security Forces” to besiege his house in Sanaa. This occurred despite the fact that his only son, Mujahid Ismail Al-Jarmozi, has been fighting on the battlefronts affiliated with the Houthis for the past seven years.

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