Bodybuilder Kills His Wife and Commits Suicide in a Live Stream 

A bodybuilder in Bosnia live-streamed the process of killing his ex-wife on Instagram before randomly opening fire, resulting in the deaths of two others, and then proceeded to commit suicide.

Nermin Solimanovic posted a video on Instagram on Friday, inviting followers to watch a murder happening live on air.

In the video, Solimanovic is seen holding a pistol and shooting a woman in the forehead, with the cries of the couple’s infant daughter heard in the background.

Solimanovic said in the video, “I warned everyone that it would come to this point. She had been hiding my child from me for eight days.”

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail,” citing local Bosnian media, Solimanovic was a member of a gang and had previously been convicted of violence and brawls, as well as being involved in drug trafficking.

According to a statement from the Bosnian police, Solimanovic killed three people, including himself, and injured three others.

The statement also indicated that the police will also investigate individuals who supported the killer by commenting on the video he posted on Instagram.

The statement concluded by stating that the motive behind this horrific crime remains unknown, and the police will continue their investigations to understand Solimanovic’s motives.

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