Man Lives Underwater for 93 Days and Comes Out Younger

A retired navy officer spent 93 days in a small chamber deep in the Atlantic Ocean to study the effects of living underwater in a pressurized environment on the human body.

The navy officer spent 93 days in a small underwater chamber, measuring 100 square feet.

According to the “Daily Mail”, officer Dettori managed to break the previous world record for living underwater, which was 73 days. However, the remarkable aspect of his experience was that he emerged at the end of the experiment looking 10 years younger.

Dettori’s medical evaluation revealed that his DNA telomeres, which typically shorten with age, were 20% longer than before his dive. Additionally, his stem cell count had significantly increased, and his overall health had markedly improved.

Furthermore, Dettori’s sleep quality greatly improved, his cholesterol levels, and inflammation markers were reduced by nearly half.

The retired officer spoke about the potential benefits of hyperbaric medicine: “People need isolated places away from the outside world, to take at least two weeks of vacation, relax, and undergo a hyperbaric medicine experience.”

He emphasized that despite the limited size of his underwater chamber, he exercised for an hour every day.

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