Man Surrenders Himself After 22 Years for Killing His Wife

In Argentina, a murderer surrendered to the police after more than 22 years since his crime.

Ramon Abrigo, 70 years old, seized the opportunity after learning that he would be released because Argentine law exempts him from punishment after a period of imprisonment, according to judges in the Tierra del Fuego district.

According to local media, Abrigo lived in hiding for 22 years after killing his wife, Eva Falcon, when she was seven months pregnant.

After being sentenced to 20 years in prison, Abrigo fled to Chile aboard a truck bound for the border crossing of Sebastian with Chile, then later returned to the country hiding in the northern province of the rainforest in Salta Chaco, which is home to wildlife such as jaguars, deer, and vampire bats, according to the Argentine newspaper Clarin.

After learning that he would be released under the statute of limitations, he surrendered himself. However, he remains in custody until the Argentine Supreme Court issues its final approval.

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