Morocco: A Safety Valve in the Sahel Region

A Panamanian newspaper highlights the economic and social development in the Moroccan Sahara, pointing out that its benefits will extend to countries in the Sahel region

A report published by the Panamanian newspaper “On Segundos” sheds light on the political and security stability enjoyed by Morocco in a region experiencing unrest, noting the important role the Kingdom plays in calming tensions through a focus on economic projects and initiatives aimed at improving the social conditions of the region’s peoples, spearheaded by the Atlantic Initiative.

The report emphasizes the strategic importance of Morocco in West Africa and along the Atlantic facade, qualifying it to serve as a barrier against the disturbances affecting the region, according to the Moroccan newspaper “Al-Sahifa”.

It further states that Morocco focuses on the economic and social development of the Moroccan Sahara, being closest to countries in the Sahel region, within a strategy laid down by King Mohammed VI, aiming to establish bridges of communication, enhance regional integration, and promote comprehensive and sustainable development for the countries of West Africa to alleviate disturbances in the region.

The report highlights the implementation of numerous projects in various sectors in the Moroccan Sahara, along with transformations in infrastructure, noting that “the Business Forum for Investment” recently hosted in Madrid highlighted the significant potential of the Dakhla region, making it a destination for many foreign investors.

Recent international reports reveal a developmental surge in the Moroccan Sahara, while its residents, such as those in Laayoune and Dakhla, enjoy many privileges that have contributed to raising their living standards.

The Panamanian newspaper reaffirms in its report that Morocco is a reliable partner for many countries, especially European ones relying on its efforts in combating irregular migration, alongside Senegal and Mauritania, adding that the Kingdom “plays important roles as a barrier against many risks that may arise from disturbances in the Sahel region”.

Morocco attaches great importance to addressing the economic and social problems facing the region within its commitment to its African dimension, as part of a South-South cooperation strategy covering security, economic, cultural, and religious areas, as well as its role in spreading spiritual security in the African continent, relying on its approach aimed at promoting values of tolerance, moderation, and combating all forms of extremism.

In recent times, Sahel countries have expressed their desire to accelerate the activation of the Atlantic Initiative launched by Morocco, believing it represents an unprecedented opportunity to put an end to all their economic and social crises.

King Mohammed VI is keen to embody his vision, which “aims to position Morocco as a partner for many African countries, committed, involved, and determined to confront the challenges of peace, security, and development across various corners of Africa”.

He clarified during the launch of the Atlantic Initiative on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the Green March last November that “the African Atlantic facade suffers from tangible deficiencies in infrastructure and investments despite its qualified human resources and abundant natural resources”, stressing that “from this standpoint, we work with our brothers in Africa and with all our partners to find practical and effective answers within the framework of international cooperation”.

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