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Muslim Brotherhood’s Trade in Gaza: Continuous Propaganda Campaign

Since the onset of the war in the Gaza Strip, the terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, has been engaging in organized trade. Current indications suggest a significant loss of their influence in the public sphere. However, they are well aware that the Palestinian issue represents their biggest commodity for attracting more supporters.

There has also been recent media agitation, despite the absence of the Muslim Brotherhood on the ground to defend or provide assistance to the citizens of Gaza. What is happening is merely media clamoring through the group’s platforms to pursue their interests without regard for the suffering Palestinian people.

International Union of Muslim Scholars

The president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, Ali al-Qaradaghi, admitted in mid-January that their primary role was to issue statements and influential fatwas. Notably, a comprehensive fatwa was issued, calling for defense, protection, prevention, and commitment from every government in terms of their political, military, and economic capabilities, as well as from the peoples. He also mentioned several major humanitarian initiatives to support the people of Gaza, estimating 100 aid ships.

Yet, after four months since this interview, the Union has not provided any assistance to Gaza, despite its grand media statements in support of Palestine and the Palestinian cause.

Attack on Egypt and the UAE “Only”

The Union, being the primary source of the Muslim Brotherhood, does nothing but call for strikes and demonstrations. They held a conference in Qatar under the name “Gaza” for the sake of Palestine’s blood, without anything new or concrete.

The Muslim Brotherhood never forgets what Egypt did to their movement. They vigorously attack Egypt under the pretext that its position does not suit the war in Gaza, as well as repeated attacks on the UAE. Their usual strategy is to attack prosperous countries to sow discord, without caring about the Palestinian people; what matters to them are their own interests.

While Abu Dhabi and Cairo collaborate in the airlift dropping aid on the most needy areas in northern Gaza, the Muslim Brotherhood of the Union does nothing but make pompous statements and attack those who work to support and protect the Palestinian people.

Saudi activist Fahd Dibaji said that Aaid Al-Qarni claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood is more dangerous to the nation than British and French occupation and colonization, and that if Omar Ibn Al-Khattab had been a ruler of a state, they would have fought against him because he was not one of them. The only solution with this group is to dissolve it because it has reached an impasse.

He added that the people of Gaza do not want Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood among them. Their goal is peace. The Palestinian issue will not be resolved through war and the killing of innocents. The revolutionary path is a Brotherhood approach aimed at shedding blood and trading in it.

Terrorism affairs expert Sameh Eid said that since their founding in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood has not engaged in clear action. They began trading with the Palestinian cause as early as 1948, without participating in the war at the time, but their position over the years has been shameful and dirty, exploiting the cause on the ruins of the innocent.

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