Morocco Parliament Slaps European Counterpart on Crucial Decisions

The Moroccan parliament announced on Monday that it will review its relations with the European Parliament and “subject them to a comprehensive evaluation” to take the appropriate and firm decisions.

The Moroccan Parliament, in its two chambersThe House of Representatives and the House of Advisors, held a session denouncing “the malicious campaign against Morocco.”

According to MAP, the Moroccan Parliament recorded “with great astonishment and resentment a European recommendation on allegations of human rights violations that has injected a level of trust between the Moroccan and European legislative institutions and touched the heart of the positive accumulations between the two parties which took several decades to complete.

“The European Parliament has undermined the foundations of trust and cooperation” between the two parliaments, said a statement issued by the Moroccan parliament after its session.

The statement also strongly condemned “the hostile attempts to harm the interests and image of Morocco and the privileged and long-standing relations between Morocco and the EU based on common values and principles and mutual interests.”

He considered it “an unacceptable encroachment on its competences and powers, and an encroachment on the sovereignty, sanctity and independence of its judicial institutions.”

The Moroccan parliament’s statement added that it “rejects the exploitation and politicization of cases that fall within the jurisdiction of the criminal judiciary and that are within the scope of cases of public right, and judicial rulings have been issued in this regard on charges that are not linked at all to any journalistic activity or the exercise of freedom of opinion and expression.”

The Moroccan Parliament called on “European political forces to be wise and sober and to reject mixing the human rights protected in Morocco with the Constitution, laws and institutions on the one hand, and the discredited allegations promoted by certain parties and organizations known for their hostile positions against Morocco on the other hand.”

The Moroccan media had criticized what they considered as the “flock of the parties hostile to the Kingdom,” while a source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Morocco “cannot be intimidated or intimidated.”

The High Council of the Judiciary condemned in a statement on Saturday the “serious accusations and allegations targeting the independence of the judiciary” in Morocco.

He also denounced “the European Parliament’s establishment as a body to prosecute the Moroccan judiciary in a flagrant and biased manner.”

On Thursday, the European Parliament adopted a non-binding text demanding that Moroccan authorities “respect freedom of expression and ensure fair trials.”

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