Muhammad al-halbousi…The president of the Iraqi parliament who dreams of developing his country

In September 2018 Iraqi parliament
chooses Mohamed al-Halbousi as new
president of the House of Representatives
With a majority of votes after
the nomination by the Iraqi
national alliance Al-mehwar
to become the youngest
of this position
Since taking office, Al-halbousi refuted
political differences and establish
democracy and unity in Parliament
And the union of parties for
a better life among the Iraqi people
He has also affirmed on many
occasions the importance of
restoring the security of Iraqis
And imposed state
domination and enforce laws
And he led a great support of
Parliament to the Iraqi army for
all that contributes to its development
And it concentrate on developing
the capacities of the security forces in
terms of armament, training and equipment
He also sought to activate
the Supreme Council for
reconstruction in the country
And keep his country away from regional conflicts, particularly after the assassination of Soleimani and the engineer in an American attack
with a fear that the country would turn into
a land of conflict between Iran and America
The role of Al-halbousi is presented specially during the Corona pandemic crisis, as he was taking many decisions to protect the citizens
by providing the necessary financial contributions to the Ministry of
Health and the crisis unit
He also controlled the popular
anger that Iraq experienced
over the past year
with his gathering with the protesters and
his promise to send names implicated
in corruption to a fair trial
Moreover, he decided
To provide money to poor
families and the needy in Iraq
And the opening of registrations
for the unemployed at the
Iraqi Ministry of Defense
And he also decided to activate
the decisions of the Iraqi Council of
Ministers about the holders of diplomas
He expressed his intention
to guarantee the rights of retirees
An emphasizing that the poor in Iraq
are the responsibility of parliament,
government and all authorities
Al-halbousi sees that Iraq’s
corruption problem is the
results of project failure
Furthermore, corruption and
terrorism are two parallel risks
threatening the Iraqi state
So, he searches with continuous
directions to avoid the bureaucracy
to speed up the process
of performing projects in the country

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