Officials at Harvard’s Prestigious College Implicated in Sale of “Dead Body Parts”

In shocking admissions, the wife of the former director of the anatomy lab at Harvard Medical School in the prestigious Harvard University in the United States confessed to shipping stolen human body parts to buyers.

Denise Ludlow, 64, pleaded guilty to the federal charge brought against her by the U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania, regarding the transportation of human body parts, including hands, feet, and heads, across different states.

Denise and her husband, along with five others, were charged in the appalling conspiracy, after their involvement through a network of individuals across the country, in purchasing and selling stolen human remains from Harvard University and a morgue in Arkansas.

According to the prosecution, as reported by “Between” website, Denise negotiated online sales to sell a number of body parts, including 24 hands, feet, 9 spines, parts of skulls, as well as 5 human faces and 2 dissected heads.

Authorities revealed that anatomical remains initially donated for education and research purposes at Harvard were misappropriated between 2018 and 2023 without the knowledge or authorization of the university.

Cadavers donated to Harvard Medical School are typically used for educational and research purposes, and upon completion, they are cremated with their ashes returned to the donor’s family or buried in a cemetery.

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