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One week after the World Cup, why did fans prefer to stay in the UAE and Saudi Arabia?

Although most of the world’s media have turned to Qatar to watch and manage the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Doha failed its first tests to host fans from various countries, and the weakness of Qatari services and infrastructure was clearly demonstrated in the desire of millions of fans to move to the UAE, Saudi Arabia and countries near Qatar to stay there before heading to the World Cup stadiums and watching their national teams.

Very frustrating

The National, an international magazine, confirmed that with the launch of the most popular tournament in the world, hundreds of thousands of fans headed to Qatar, the host country of the World Cup, but in a dark atmosphere free of enthusiasm unlike that ignited by the Arab masses after the victory of Saudi Arabia over Argentina and the outstanding performance of both Morocco and Tunisia in their first matches, while the Lebanese ultras hired by Qatar did not succeed in igniting enthusiasm in the stadiums or in bringing any joy to the championship, which came as a disappointment.

Qatar claimed to have established several hotels to accommodate fans with a limited budget, but the matter was very frustrating, as fans were surprised by the very high prices and the accommodation will be limited to a Bedouin tent in the heart of the desert in light of the high temperatures, meaning the accommodation is very primitive and free of luxury, and the organization is very chaotic in the absence of qualified workers to deal with the fans, the magazine added.

Rudimentary equipment

The International Newspaper reported that the relatively low official residency documents confirm that the village of fans in Ras Bountas, an area that has not been officially identified as a suburb or region, a desert area that is extremely difficult to reach easily because it is not even available on mobile phone maps, and there is no distinctive landmark to guide residents; The village is a vast area of desert filled with primitive Bedouin tents and shipping containers, designed to house only two people, and contains a single bed, a small drawer of possessions, two power pads, USB ports and lamps, poor and very slow room cleaning, and chaotic organization, where rooms were unavailable for hours after the arrival registration times at 3 p.m., she added that food is too expensive for dishes served without cultural diversity. Breakfast, for example, is characterized by freshness, custom-made pies, baked beans, sausage and a small power bar. If there are coffee machines, fresh juices or milk are not served, and bottled water is too hot to drink, as it becomes extremely hot in the atmosphere of the entire village, pointing out the lack of daylight, and thus the total lack of the village environment Qatar has nothing to do with the encouraging atmosphere in the Middle East and North Africa, as these countries know the true meaning of football and their passion for it.

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