Power Struggle and Chaos Incitement: The Muslim Brotherhood Approach Since Inception

Academic and journalist Mohammed Al-Mufti dedicated his latest article in the newspaper “Okaz” to discussing the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, its ambitions, and internal schisms.

Al-Mufti stated: Despite donning the garb of moderate Islam, events have shown that the quest for power was the primary driver for Muslim Brotherhood leaders. He pointed out that their approach has consistently been embodied in their pursuit of power through threats of destructive chaos and fear-mongering. This has resulted in violent clashes between them and the governments in the countries where they have spread, alongside the popular rejection they have faced.

He added: The approach followed by the Brotherhood – and those akin to them – is to question the legitimacy of incumbent regimes and declare them apostate, aiming to agitate societies to overthrow the ruling authority. Their platforms have sought to tarnish the image of societies in the countries where they have proliferated, branding them as decadent. They interpret this – according to their claims – as corruption of the ruling power. Their call has been built on numerous lies, starting from the premise that the end justifies the means, and conflicts among Brotherhood leaders themselves clearly illustrate that the organization itself suffers from ideological problems, leading to the defection of many leaders who saw that the organization was diverging from its preaching mission to become a political tool.

He emphasized that each faction of these extremist currents, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, seeks to sideline other factions from the political arena and aims to mold everyone within the framework of its limited intellectual mold. Hence, many despise their detestable hypocrisy, which contradicts the principles of the Islamic religion, which they find easy to violate if it conflicts with their plans. For example, the deliberate killing of innocents is completely forbidden in Islam, yet most of them practice it coldly if it serves their cause and brings them closer to power, even by a step.

In conclusion of his article, Al-Mufti stressed that many sympathizers of the ideology of this group are only bound by the hatred they harbor for other categories of people. Hatred is what unites them, and therefore it is necessary to exercise caution when observing the inclinations of some members of society, which may push them to join terrorist groups or even just sympathize with them. These individuals resemble knives still in their sheaths but ready to pounce on others to tear apart the fabric of society if the opportunity arises.

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