The Muslim Brotherhood… Over 90 years of using holidays to spread extremism

Since Hassan el-Banna founded the terrorist group of the Muslim Brotherhood, members of the group have been under scrutiny for exploiting current circumstances, especially in countries facing economic or political difficulties. Most of them seek to capitalize on any conflict in their favor.

During Muslim celebrations of Eid, the Muslim Brotherhood seeks to spread within mosque corridors to participate in Eid prayers by distributing gifts bearing the group’s name, or even aiming to infiltrate communities in distress.

Brotherhood in Yemen

In Yemen, the terrorist group of the Muslim Brotherhood seeks its own interests regardless of the conditions of the people suffering from the Houthi militias. Hence, the terrorist group is present in mosques in provinces it controls, aiming to spread major sectarian ideas to attract new generations celebrating Eid.

The interests of the terrorist group coincide with the suffering of the Yemeni people due to the presence of Houthi militias supported by Iran in provinces they control, such as the capital Sanaa, where group members distribute Eid clothes used as gifts for children and their families.

Brotherhood in Egypt

As usual in Egypt every Eid, the Muslim Brotherhood attempts to exploit Eid to spread their toxic ideas and tries to demonstrate in front of mosques after Eid prayers, but they face popular rejection from citizens, especially after the events of June 30, where the group’s plan to turn Egypt into terrorist militias was revealed.

At the same time, the group seeks to spread terrorist ideas and lies laden with rumors, especially for Brotherhood in prisons in Egypt, and every year, the Ministry of Interior in Egypt denies the group’s rumors.

Muslim Brotherhood in Pakistan Under Police Siege

Authorities in Pakistan deployed over 100,000 police officers and soldiers from the paramilitary “Rangers” in mosques and markets across the country ahead of Eid al-Fitr, several officials said. Although attacks during holidays are rare in Pakistan, intelligence agencies informed the Ministry of Interior of the possibility of militants exploiting the Eid al-Fitr crowds to target civilians, government and military buildings, as well as complexes housing police personnel.

According to Tarek El-Beshbishi, a researcher on the Muslim Brotherhood, this terrorist organization is no different from one country to another; it’s a clear “system” for the group that does nothing but serve its own interests. They do not believe in the state but in themselves and their interests, always exploiting celebrations and holidays to spread their toxic ideas to future generations in a “brainwashing” process aimed at establishing new bases for the group.

El-Beshbishi added : since their founding in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood has done everything in their personal interest, from distributing toys and gifts to exploiting difficult conditions of citizens in the country, as evidenced by the gifts they distribute in impoverished areas, such as oil and sugar.

On the other hand, according to Samah Eid, a researcher on the Muslim Brotherhood, this terrorist organization has a history of over 90 years characterized by purely opportunistic exploitation, a strategy deployed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Since their founding in 1928, the group has used methods that reflect the ugliness of its objectives and the falsity of its approach, including exploiting children to achieve its dubious goals, especially during celebrations.

Eid added that before the death of its founder Hassan el-Banna, the Muslim Brotherhood formed what was known as the “Lions Committee” to attract school students in elementary stages, as well as “Zahrwat” committees to attract female students of the same educational level, in order to have a herd of will-less children, more inclined to obedience, and a card that could be exploited in many situations, which the group shows during celebrations, especially religious ones.

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