President of Tunisia Reveals the Motives of the Muslim Brotherhood for Chaos Plan

“Not innocent”… This is how Tunisian President Kais Saied described many of the recent events in the country, attributing them to the Muslim Brotherhood organization.

During a meeting on Thursday at the Carthage Palace with Tunisian Interior Minister Khaled Nouri and State Secretary to the Minister of Interior in charge of National Security Sofiane Bessaddok, Saied affirmed that “the goal is to destabilize the country and spread chaos for obvious electoral purposes,” referring to the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia.

Saied addressed several events that Tunisia has witnessed in recent times, calling for “more vigilance and full accountability for those behind them with the aim of fabricating crises.”

He pointed out that “several of these events are neither natural nor innocent, and the aim is to destabilize the country and spread chaos for obvious electoral purposes.”

During the meeting, he emphasized “the need to intensify efforts to combat all types of crime while fully respecting rights, freedoms, and human dignity.”

Recent Events

Tunisia has recently been subjected to false rumors spread on social media platforms aimed at disrupting the upcoming presidential election process.

Tunisia is preparing to hold the presidential elections on schedule, between September and October next year, as announced by the head of the Tunisian Electoral Commission, Farouk Bouasker.

Since the summer of 2021, the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies in Tunisia have been trying to destabilize the country and spread chaos in an attempt to return to power after being rejected by the Tunisian people.

Historic decisions by President Saied have freed the country from the difficult decade of Brotherhood rule.

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