Putin Ready for Nuclear War: His Stance on US Forces in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that his country is militarily and technically prepared for nuclear war, while also addressing his response to the involvement of American troops in battles in Ukraine.

Putin, who is gearing up for the presidential elections this week, spoke to official news agencies and television.

Russian media quoted President Putin as saying in statements released today, Wednesday, that if American forces entered Ukraine, Russia would treat them as foreign entities.

Putin added in the interview that if the United States conducted nuclear tests, Russia might do the same.

He further stated that Russia is prepared militarily and technically for nuclear war, but “not everything leads in that direction” at the moment.

He clarified: “I said that (US President Joe) Biden is a representative of the traditional political school, and this is confirmed. Besides Biden and others, there are enough specialists in Russian-American relations,” emphasizing that “strategic restraint, and I don’t think everything here is moving rapidly, but we are ready for it (nuclear war).”

Regarding the possibility of starting peace negotiations, Putin confirmed his readiness for talks on Ukraine but on the condition that they are based on “facts,” stressing that the talks are not a ceasefire to rearm Kiev but a serious discussion with Russian security guarantees.

The Russian president affirmed his country’s intention to deploy troops and military equipment near the borders with Finland and Sweden after their accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

He also pointed out in the interview that North Korea, a Moscow ally, has its own nuclear umbrella and has not requested anything from his country in this regard.

The Russian elections in 2024 are unlikely to see any surprises, as President Putin, propelled by his historical weight and the war in Ukraine, will not face a serious challenge to win another term.

While Putin‘s tenure in office until at least the 2030s is a foregone conclusion, the timing of the electoral race carries implications and signals that gauge domestic and international sentiment.

The elections come amid the continuation of the war in Ukraine for the third consecutive year, the expansion of NATO, and the economic pressures faced by Moscow from the camp supporting “Kiev.”

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