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Qatar declares that it has identified the parents of a newborn baby that abandoned at Doha international airport

Abu Dhabi (CNN) Qatar declares that it has identified the parents of a newborn baby that left at Doha international airport last month. In fact, this incident provoked widespread anger after more than a dozen women declared that they were aggressively searched during the initial examination.

A Qatari prosecutor related in a statement on Monday that an unspecified number of airport security staff that they were realizing the investigation of female passengers have been accused and could face prison sentences of up to three years.

The prosecutor also stated that it had also accused the child’s mother, who has left the country, with tried killing and that it had started legal proceedings to detain her. The same statement said that the mother recognized as of Asian nationality could face up to 15 years in prison if he sentenced.

It’s believed that the mother have embarked and left on a flight out of Qatar after he was abandoning the baby at the airport. But the statement did not report its destination.

Authorities in Qatar declared that the newborn baby was found either in or beside a trash can in a bathroom at Hamad International Airport in Doha on October 2, and he is currently being taken care of by Qatari authorities.

More than 18 women from 10 different flights, including 13 Australians aboard a Sydney-bound plane, were subjected to obligatory intimate medical examinations by airport security after finding the infant.

The examinations caused a large angry in Australia, where the actions have been compared to sexual assault, and the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, condemned the incident and described it as appalling and unacceptable.

An investigation about the incident showed that some employees at Hamad International Airport had acted unilaterally to call female medical staff to perform examinations of female passengers, according to the Qatari statement.

On Monday, the prosecution statement said: (They believed) that what they were doing was in conformity with the law. However, the statement did not report what crimes had been committed, or how many staff members had been accused.

The government of Qatar published a statement on October 28 apologizing for any distress or infringement on the personal freedom of any traveler as a result of the incident.

Parents identified

Investigations indicated that the mother was in a relationship with an unnamed man also of a nationality belonging to an Asian country, according to the prosecutor’s statement, as result of this relationship, the child was born, the statement also added.

Indeed, in Qatar, sex outside of marriage still a criminal act, it is not uncommon for women to left children to avoid imprisonment.

Furthermore, the father of the child informed the Qatari prosecutors that the mother had sent him a message and a picture of the child immediately after the birth, in which she said that she (had) dumped the child and fled to her country.

The statement added: While departing the country, the mother threw the newborn child in the trash of one of the bathrooms of the airport’s departure hall, and boarded the plane to her destination. The statement does not make clear when or where the mother gave birth or how authorities were able to locate and identify the man.

It also said: The crime of attempting to kill an infant immediately after birth, and in the circumstances in which she was found, is one of the most heinous crimes and most contrary to human values. It is punishable by the Qatari Penal Code, with a maximum of fifteen years.

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