The Altay tank…France’s weapon to stop Erdogan’s ambitions

Erdogan’s ambitions to expand his influence
are remain the subject of global criticism and refusal,
especially after expanding into wars outside his lands
in Syria, Libya and Azerbaijan
At the same time, he caused many diplomatic crises with France,
which pushed Paris to lead a large international campaign against him,
while several European states which are members of NATO imposed sanctions against Turkey
to stop its aggressive role
and also the publication of reports showing the presence of problems over concluded the manufacture of the “Turkish tank Altay”
because of the stop of the arrival of parts and devices from Germany and France
therefore the Turks are looking for new companies to get out of this crisis
Last year, the office of the Turkish president introduced the Altay tank
as part of the military’s 2020 inventory
and that the Altay would be constructed within 24 months
during a speech of Ethem Sancak, a major investor of BMC of Military Defense
however these promises and dreams did not come achieved
The delay in the program is due to the lack of access to important components of the tank
such as the engine, transmission and armor
Due to this failure,
in the 2021 investment program
from Erdogan’s presidential office
no details on the Altay tank or its commissioning have been showed

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