Qatar holds secret conference of Somali election candidates to ensure the continuation of its plans

As Somali presidential election date approaches,
Qatar prepares to adopt its agendas
by organizing a series of secret conferences with the presidential candidates
and buying the votes of regional officials
to ensure the continuance of its projects even after the departure of its current ally,
Somali President Mohamed Farmaajo, from his post next year
According to sources, a meeting took place between Ali Khair and Abdul-Qurain Hussein Guled
who are the Somali presidential candidates for 2021
The two candidates held many brief meetings with Qatari government officials before the meeting
and they then held a private meeting with Somali intelligence officials in Doha
According to the Somali network, the two candidates, Abdul Qurain Guled and Hassan Khair
are the second choice for the Qatari government after Farmaajo
and it seems that would be done to ensure continued Qatari control
on the chaotic political scene in Somalia

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