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Qatar: Responsible for the invasive gynecological examination had been referred for prosecution

Qatar reported on Friday that responsible for the invasive gynecological investigation of women passengers at Doha airport had been directed for the prosecution about the violations.

It should be noted that women on 10 flights out of Doha were exposed to the examinations when the authorities looked for the mother of a newborn baby who found left in an airport bathroom on October 2.

Indeed, the Government Communications Office declared in a statement: Those responsible for these violations and illegal actions have been referred to the Public Prosecution Office.

Moreover, the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior showed the sincerest apology of the Government of the State of Qatar for what certain female travelers were exposed as a result of the procedures.

Otherwise, New Zealand declared late Thursday that one of its citizens was presented among the women who were exposed to the invasive examinations, describing the act as completely unacceptable. This incident happened in early October however it appears this week when a concerned Australian passengers spoke about the event.

Since, Australia said that 13 of its citizens had obliged for appalling examinations, while Britain related that it is giving support for two women, and AFP has known from a French woman that she was also affected.

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