Qatar tries to buy silence of Germanyon Lebanese Hezbollah funding

Qatar’s financing of Hezbollah, chapters of the scandal that are not yet over
and the German Parliament is preparing to investigate the case
What happened ?
Last May
German intelligence finds explosive in Hezbollah warehouses
and seizes documents during its security operation
The newspaper “Die Zeit” published an investigation revealing the persistent attempts by Qatar to buy the silence of a German agent who succeeded in obtaining files proving the implication of Doha in the financing of Hezbollah
Germany’s Federal Parliament has said it is ready to move
and German MPs move to the European Parliament
to convince him to ban Hezbollah across Europe
Marian Vandt, member of the ruling Christian Democratic Union:
“We will submit a question to the government about this subject, and we will ask for details, then we will use our contacts with governments in the Middle East to investigate the information to stop the funding of Hezbollah”
Will Germany succeed in denouncing Qatar’s efforts?

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