Qatari mercenary camps and the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen

Qatari-Turkish conspiracy of the brotherhood in Yemen
was revealed by Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya
and also exposed via the sound of shots from the mercenaries’ weapons
in the city of Taiz particularly in Al- Hijriyah town
with its heights are in front of the port of Al-Mocha and the strait of Bab El-Mandeb
they were transformed by Qatar with the support of the Brotherhood and Turkey
in training camps that would attract young people and soldiers
Doha-led tripartite plot to form forces in Yemen
in an operation to go around the legitimacy and introduce confusion within the Arab alliance
Qatar also works to transfer mercenaries, trainers and experts
in exchange for great sums to achieve agendas including Turkish ambitions
and they are secretly hold between the leaders of the Yemeni and Syrian Muslim Brotherhood residing in Turkey
and another from the Hamas movement
to run away these fighters and trainers through the Horn of Africa to Taiz
while Doha could not run them away
Indeed, they enter Taiz under the guise of students or academics
with indulgence and the complicity of the Yemeni brotherhood

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