Qatari Tweeters protest against sedition channel Al Jazeera does not represent us

Hashtag launched by Qatari tweeters
and was leading the Twitter trend in the small emirate
The tweeters showed great discontent with Al-Jazeera’s policies
noting that most of its employees are not Qatari
and they only seek their interests and those of their instigators
On his part, the famous Qatari tweeter Rashid bin Salem bin Qatfa said:
“Jazeera does not represent Qataris…Qataris only represent those who defend them, demand their rights and denounce injustice against them, and we haven’t seen any report from Al-Jazeera about the lack of independence of the judiciary and violations of the rights of Qataris, as well as torture and rape of Qataris in prisons, and we have not seen a report on trafficking in funds and corruption in Qatar, no on conditions of Qatari prisoners”.
Tweeters accused Al Jazeera of seeking to ruin Gulf reconciliation
indicating that it is in his interest to continue the isolation of Qatar
Many Arab tweeters also participated in this Hashtag,
and they expressed their solidarity with their Qatari brothers in their uprising against the channel of sedition
Otherwise, the Qatari media is conducting a well-organized campaign with denigration and abuse
and led by Al Jazeera against the Arab Quartet countries boycotting Doha
and this has intensified since Kuwait’s declaration on December 4
relevant talks in the context of Gulf reconciliation
This means that it is clearly targeting the failure of Kuwait’s efforts
and prevent finding a solution to the crisis for many years

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