Raghad Al-Tikriti… Satan’s Ally in Britain and the Distinct Face of the Muslim Brotherhood

Despite being Iraqi, that did not prevent her Islamist orientation and the emergence of the dark face to the world. Raghad Al-Tikriti is the distinctive image of the terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, in Europe, especially in England, in a context where the group strives to improve its image to the world after being exposed by the Arabs 10 years ago.

The West describes Raghad Al-Tikriti as representing Arabs and Muslims in Britain, especially as she has abandoned her country’s support in its crises and forgotten what the West did in Iraq.

Among these organizations are charities, intellectual institutions, and even television channels, and the group continues to open offices in Britain, such as the opening of the group’s office in the Cricklewood neighborhood in north London.

Among these organizations is the Islamic Association in Britain, founded by Kamal Helbawi in 1997 and chaired by Raghad Al-Tikriti, of Iraqi origin.

But who is Raghad Al-Tikriti, Satan’s ally?

Raghad Al-Tikriti is one of the leading female leaders of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. Born in Baghdad in 1970, she moved with her family to Britain the same year.

She is the daughter of Osama Al-Tikriti, former general observer of the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq, one of the founders of the Iraqi Islamic Party, and the sister of Anas Al-Tikriti, a leader in the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and former president of the British Islamic Association, as well as the founding president of the Cordoba Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue.

In British and European media, Raghad is described as the main “representative of Muslim women in Britain,” after integrating into British society and organizing events for Arabs and Muslims there.

Raghad spent her childhood in Britain and obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from a London university. She began her social and political activism within the British Muslim community during her university years.

She has held numerous positions in institutions representing the Muslim community and, at the same time, the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain and Europe. She is a leading member of the European Forum of Muslim Women: the female arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. She also joined the British Islamic Association since its inception in 1997 and held various leadership positions in the executive and departments, including the youth department. She served as a member of the Advisory Council for three consecutive terms, director of the communications department, deputy president, until she was elected president of the association in 2020, becoming the first woman to lead an Islamic institution in Britain.

Raghad remained at the helm of the association until February 2022. Afterward, she was appointed president of the Advisory Council, a position she still holds today.

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