“Ram” leads to the death of elderly couple

New Zealand police are investigating the deaths of two elderly people following a sheep attack.

According to authorities and local media, New Zealand police reported on Thursday that a sheep attack resulted in the deaths of two elderly people on a farm.

According to the “France Presse” agency, police said in a statement that they found a man and a woman dead Thursday morning at their home west of Auckland, confirming that a sheep was present at the scene of the incident upon their arrival.

The nephew of the two victims, Dean Burrell, stated that the two elderly individuals, aged over 80, were killed in a “tragic accident” involving an animal, according to a local media outlet.

Police also indicated that another person, whose identity was not disclosed, sustained minor injuries during the sheep attack.

They added: “When our officers arrived at the scene, they were confronted with another sheep heading towards them.”

And further stated: “After assessing the risks, they had to euthanize the sheep.”

The bodies of the two victims will undergo autopsies today, Friday, according to the police.

New Zealand has a population of 5 million people and more than 25 million sheep.

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