Release of Mahsa Amini’s father after his brief arrest and warning

Iranian authorities have released Mahsa Amini‘s father after his brief detention and a warning.

إطلاق سراح والد مهسا أميني بعد اعتقاله – شبكة رؤية الإخبارية

Father of a deceased activist

A human rights group reported that Iranian security forces released Amjad Amini today, returning him to his home after warning him not to commemorate his daughter’s death.

إيران تنفي اعتقال والد مهسا أميني - 16.09.2023, سبوتنيك عربي

Mahsa Amini’s death sparked protests

The death of Mahsa Amini while in police custody a year ago ignited anti-government protests that lasted for months and became the largest opposition demonstrations against the authorities in years.

إيران.. عائلة مهسا أميني تقدّم شكوى ضد المسؤولين عن توقيفها - الخليج الجديد

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