Zelensky attacks Netanyahu and criticizes Israeli aid to Ukraine Ukrainian 

The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, held an unprecedented meeting in his office in Kiev with 32 delegates, including rabbis and emissaries from the Habad Hassidic Jewish movement and major Jewish sects. This meeting marks the first of its kind since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

Appeal for Israeli Assistance

During the meeting, Zelensky expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of Israeli aid to Ukraine. He explained that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had requested assistance during his visit to Oman. Zelensky emphasized the need to protect Ukrainian citizens in the face of an influx of 30,000 people and suggested that Israel send the Iron Dome to help with this protection. He even promised to accompany Netanyahu to Ukraine if this were to happen.

Criticism of Netanyahu

During his meeting with rabbis representing Jewish sects in the country, Zelensky continued to strongly criticize Benjamin Netanyahu. He asserted that the responsibility to protect tens of thousands of Jews flocking to Uman, Ukraine, for the Jewish New Year should not solely rest on Ukraine but also on Israel, which is not doing enough to ensure their protection.

Recognition of Jewish Soldiers

During this meeting with rabbis and Habad emissaries, Zelensky honored fifteen Jewish soldiers for their courage and honorable roles in the Ukrainian-Russian war. He praised the unity of Jewish communities in Ukraine and their contribution to organizing this meeting. 

He expressed pride and gratitude towards the Habad emissaries who chose to stay in Ukraine despite challenging circumstances, contributing to the prosperity of the Jewish community.

Zelensky’s Message for the Jewish New Year

In a statement, Zelensky shared that he had met with representatives of the Ukrainian Jewish community, fighters, and rabbis on the night of the Jewish New Year. 

He thanked them for supporting Ukraine in its quest for peace, emphasizing that peace can only be achieved through Ukraine’s victory. He expressed his belief in the restoration of justice in Ukraine in the near future.

Upcoming Meeting with Netanyahu

It is worth noting that a meeting between Netanyahu and Zelensky is scheduled for next week in New York, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly meeting. This meeting marks the first encounter between an Israeli Prime Minister and a Ukrainian President since the beginning of the war.

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