Some Islamic groups have no religion, no state

Many names that allowing to themselves to represent the whole world
like the groups representing Muslim sages
Indeed, certain say expression outside and inside Morocco
on the question of Morocco and its territorial integrity
Morocco and the Palestinian question
some of them are neutral, while others express hatred and insolence
and the denial of Morocco’s political and practical positions on this matter
and prejudices against the Kingdom of Morocco
Some of these groups support Turkey’s policy towards Palestine,
and even some of their activists reside in this country
that has had close ties with Israel for many decades
it was the first Islamic country to recognize Israel
and to establish diplomatic, economic, tourist and military relations with it
these relations developed during the period of the Justice and Development Party of the Muslim Brotherhood
under the direction of Recep Tayyip Erdogan
who is the first Muslim leader to visit Israel and put roses on Theodor Herzl’s grave
So why are these groups submitting to this? And attacking others ?
The answer is very simple
These groups do not belong to a religion or a state, not even to this outcome
they only follow their controllers, and following their orders
they adopts stations and create fatwas to serve their interests
they support colonial heritage and call for division among Muslims
by ignoring the principle of brothers and neighboring rights
These groups have never, except for naive words
reconciled between Muslims or stopped struggling between them

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