Spain pursues extremist imams

A security pursuit of the “mosques of the Brotherhood” in Spain
Madrid begins investigation of extremist imams
after murder of French professor
The Spanish newspaper L’Arthon declared in its report
that the Interior Ministry had issued a statement confirming
that 100 mosques out of 1,300 have followed this type of extremism
and investigations concentrate more on some imams than on mosques
The Spanish campaign came after a series of warnings
about the increased activity of associations funded by countries like Qatar and Turkey
In Madrid there are more than 14 mosques with extremist imams
Catalonia is considered one of the regions where extremists are most predominant
because the majority of Spanish fighters who join Daeich are from Catalonia
There are many Spanish security services
that alert against the existence of foreign funds for imams and associations
in particular Qatari funds
which the Spanish newspaper “Thismo” reported that
Qatar is one of the first countries that spreading extremist ideology,
by funding terrorism in Spain
through funding mosques and places for Al-Aibada

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