Suspicious activity of the Muslim Brotherhood Brigades, Egypt is on the lookout

The Brotherhood’s electronic militia and its broadcasters are still trying on their channels to export fear and anxiety to the Egyptian people, with the aim of stirring up confusion and spreading rumors and lies by exploiting the economic crisis and rising prices in order to jump on the political scene, and to work on continuously intensifying the machine of Brotherhood rumors, especially because these rumors are part of the psychological war carried out by the Brotherhood’s terrorist elements.

The Brotherhood’s Plan

Although these rumors have repeatedly crashed on the rocks of “popular awareness” in Egypt and the “facts” published by the country’s relevant authorities, the Brotherhood has been using them as a weapon in the face of the country that its citizens pronounced in a “popular revolution” they uprooted 10 years ago, when elements that spread false news against the security of citizens to harm social peace and Egypt’s national security.

Targeting projects

Mustafa Hamza, a researcher on terrorist groups, says: The terrorist Brotherhood is spreading dangerous rumors against the state, especially the economic situation. The goal is to spread frustration among citizens and exploit the anniversary of the January Revolution.

The researcher in the affairs of terrorist groups added that the Brotherhood terrorist group will not stop its efforts to promote rumors that try to undermine the efforts of the Egyptian state to improve the lives of citizens, pointing out that the campaign of Brotherhood terrorist rumors is targeting economic activity related to development projects.

Crisis utilization

Dr. Ibrahim Rabie, a leading Brotherhood defector and a researcher on terrorist groups, said that the terrorist group took advantage of the global crisis and the difficult economic conditions that are afflicting all countries and started to disseminate their poisons through their channels, media cables and social media by spreading rumors and spreading false information in order to cause confusion in the Egyptian street and spread frustration among citizens. But the Egyptian people, who brought them down in 2013, are now striking the greatest epic of patience, steadfastness and defiance in enduring difficult conditions for the survival of the country.

The dissident Muslim Brotherhood leader added that the state is striving to do its best in all respects, and that we must now stand together for the sake of the homeland. What the terrorist group seeks is destruction and sabotage, and to target the state and all its institutions for its own interests at the expense of the country’s interests.

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