Taliban leads Afghanistan into world’s worst humanitarian crisis

Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the country has witnessed successive crises that threaten the collapse of the rule of the extremist group.

This was confirmed by the former National Security Advisor to Afghanistan, Hamdullah Mohib, where he predicted that the regime is not only on the verge of collapse, but on the brink of civil war.

Catastrophic situation

Since the fall of the Afghan capital, Kabul, which was characterized by the withdrawal of the chaotic West, Afghanistan has been living in one disaster after another, according to the American magazine Modern Diplomat, which pointed out that the country is currently facing an imminent economic collapse – in just one year reflected in ten years of growth – and more than 95% of the people live below the poverty line, an increase of 65% since 2021, and the possibility of an imminent civil war will only exacerbate these humanitarian problems; What makes Afghanistan one of the world’s worst (if not worst) humanitarian collapses, after all, Afghanistan has had a civil war before, but not during the food crisis, the environment and the economy.

Hamdullah Mohib, who served as Afghanistan’s ambassador to the US during the years of former US President Barack Obama before becoming Afghanistan’s national security adviser, said that the Taliban’s chances of avoiding a full-scale war were fading every day. Next month, for example, the G-20 could be one of the last opportunities to recognize their egregious humiliation of women’s rights, or their suppression of freedom of expression.

Threat source

According to the Modern Diplomat report, international powers do not officially recognize the intergovernmental dialog with the Taliban. A major international effort was made to release much-needed humanitarian aid, specifically by the US. Despite these efforts, and despite all the US desire to believe in the Taliban’s promises, all available information indicates that Afghanistan has become a nursery to all kinds of extremist jihadist groups, while also proving that the Taliban ignores human values like the old Taliban rulers.

Afghanistan under the Taliban has become a major threat to regional security, with more than 2.5 million Afghan refugees already known around the world – but if the Taliban are allowed to continue its harsh rule, this will grow significantly, and even those who have been most enthusiastic about the Taliban takeover – such as Pakistan, the Taliban’s main logistical and financial backer – have been forced to admit that they are struggling to manage the millions of Afghan refugees currently taking refuge in their country, and beyond Pakistan’s borders, the possibility of a global refugee crisis, or increased security risks, would pose a significant challenge.

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