The arrest of “Mahmoud Ezzat”, responsible for the affairs of the general guide of the brothers

After almost 7 years of disappearanceMahmoud Ezzat, Head of General Guide Affairs of the Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is required by justice
He was arrested in an apartment in the 5th Settlement, east of Cairo
What is the reason ?
Mahmoud Ezzat is the first person responsible for the creation of the armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization
-Supervisor of the management of terrorist operations and sabotage
that are committed by the organization in the country after the revolution of June 30, 2013
Especially :
In 2015, the assassination of former Attorney General Hisham Barakat and Brigadier General Wael Tahoun
-Explosion of a car bomb in front of the Institute of Oncology in 2019
killing 20 people and wounding 47 others
He also directed all aspects of the Brethren’s business,
including the Brethren’s Electronic Brigades which manage the rumor war and also prepare false news
-Administration of the movement of funds of the organization and provide it financial support
–Finance all the activities of the organization via its members abroad.
Ezzat has been condemned to death twice and to life imprisonment in various cases
He is also required for all other cases related to terrorist activities.

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