The benefits of the hot sauce

Are you a fan of hot sauce?
Congratulations, you are getting great benefits from this sauce
You find the benefits in this video
Hot sauce has many health benefits, contrary to popular belief
thanks to the fact that it contains capsaicin that is responsible for its powerful and hot savor
It is a bioactive plant compound
it is responsible for the benefits of the hot sauce
It maintains a healthy stomach
and it is considered to be a remedy for stomach ulcers, and not a cause
It also prevents irritation of the stomach
Hot sauce also contains antioxidants and other compounds
It calms digestive problems
and stomach troubled, intestinal gas, diarrhea and contractions
because it stimulates gastric juices and affects the acidity of the stomach, and preventing its irritation
Hot sauce also contains beta-carotene and vitamin A
Vitamin A helps maintain a healthy respiratory system
as well as the urinary system and the digestive system
Hot sauce also contains vitamin C
not just this
It is beneficial for people with allergies because it contains capsaicin
that works to relieve symptoms
and fights chronic infections that attack the sinuses
since it contains antibacterials

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