The brotherhood are subjected to severe raids by the Austrian authorities

The appearance of the Muslim Brotherhood in Western countries dates back to the late 1950s
when a small militant group of leaders of the organization
including Youssef Nada and Saïd Ramadan fled from the Middle East
to settle in European and North American cities
Currently, members of the brotherhood who have found a safe shelter
in Austria are subjected to violent attacks, which indicate that the end of the organization is very near
A few days ago, the Austrian police carried out many attacks
targeting 60 associations, institutions and individuals related to the group of brotherhood
and investigated 70 suspects
and seized a number of electronic devices
such as cell phones, computers, as well as simple documents,
besides to the seizure of about 20 million euros in the form of assets and cash
and it has frozen bank accounts
These attacks came over a year and a half after that the Austrian government has forbidden
the use and publication of Muslim Brotherhood slogans in the country
The security campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood is just a beginning of to what awaits the group in the further period
and an indication that the government has decided to finish the exploitation of Austrian territories
and fight extremism in the country

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