The brotherhood of Jordan… Details of the dissolution of the teachers’ union

Amman Magistrate’s Court decided to dissolve the Jordanian teachers’ union
and jail all members of its council for one year
because of the council of the dissolved union violations
and crimes against the ideology of educational and professional work
in service of the organization of the brotherhood agendas that affiliated to it
Indeed, this decision was not the first of its kind
in the series of beatings that the Jordanian brothers suffered
In July 25,
the Prosecutor General of Amman, Dr. Hassan Al-Abdallat
decided to arrest the members of the council of the teachers’ union
the members of the central commission and the branches commissions and its administrations
and stop the labor union and close its headquarters for two years
With the successive shocks that the organization receives
its chances of being present on the general political scene diminish
besides to strengthen its structural and organizational division into disputed groups
with strong divisions strike their positions
since the dissolution of the group’s Shura council in 2008

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