The Economic Situation Collapses in Sudan… War Plunges Khartoum into Major Crises Khartoum has entered a major crisis 

The ongoing conflict in Sudan has entered its fifth month, imposing a heavy toll on all levels, particularly on the economic front. The current economic turmoil adds to the existing structural crises that Sudan is grappling with. The current situation in Khartoum clearly reflects a portion of the extensive damage that the conflict has inflicted on the country’s economy.

Numerous Losses

A report from the “Roaya” network reveals that with each passing day, further losses are inflicted on the local economy. The repercussions of these losses extend to neighboring countries and even countries adjacent to those neighbors. Given Sudan’s strategic location, the problems are likely to exacerbate further in the coming period as the Sudanese conflict continues.

Challenging Phase

Sudanese writer and political analyst Osman Mirghani stated that the situation in Sudan has reached an unimaginable stage. The economy is collapsing, accompanied by a significant rise in food, fuel, transportation prices, and other crucial sectors for the Sudanese population. With the continuation of the conflict, capable Sudanese citizens will leave the country, and the future appears bleak.

The Sudanese political analyst added that the country’s economy has been facing structural issues for years, compounded by the current crisis of the Sudanese war. He pointed out that the repercussions of the situation in Sudan extend not only to its seven neighboring countries but also to around 17 other nations.

He continued to explain that these crises have led to the suspension of various government services and could potentially lead to a “disaster” in different sectors, including healthcare and education.

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