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The Houthi and Brotherhood alliance to ignite chaos and terrorism in southern Yemen

The Houthi and Brotherhood alliance to ignite chaos and terrorism in southern Yemen

The Houthi and Brotherhood alliance continues their terrorist activities, spreading chaos, assassinations, and funding terrorism in Taiz and Abyan in the south. Yemeni media reports have indicated that the Yemeni Brotherhood is the other face of the Houthi and the most dangerous killing machine to social fabric, especially in the provinces of Taiz and Marib, which are controlled by the Brotherhood and the Houthis.

Targeting the south

The terrorist Houthi and Brotherhood militias are attempting to occupy the south by increasing their targeting of its identity, particularly in Hadramaut. This faction seeks to create an opportunity for the Houthi militias to infiltrate the south. The Brotherhood organization continues to provide evidence that their war is directed against the south and its people, while showing no interest in liberating their lands from the grip of the Houthi militias. This is one of the clearest forms of conspiracy and betrayal.

The Houthi and Brotherhood war

Southern activist Abdul Qadir Al-Qadi says that the Brotherhood is more extremist than the Houthis themselves, affirming that anyone who turns their back on the Houthis in Marib and directs their weapons towards Wadi Hadramaut in the south is undoubtedly the enemy.

He added that the Brotherhood organization is more Houthi than the Houthis themselves, and the first military region in Wadi Hadramaut and the military supplies it receives from the reform militias coming from Marib are a clear example of that.

He further states that the Houthi and Brotherhood militias are likely preparing for a comprehensive war against the south, as evident from recent mobilization operations on the frontlines with the south. He points out that the Brotherhood militias are waging a wide-scale psychological war against the south, targeting the national identity, as seen recently in Hadramaut province.

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