The Muslim Brotherhood: The First Terrorist Organization to Establish the Idea of Global Jihad.. How?

A new journalistic report highlights significant historical events related to the activities of terrorist groups and examines their ideology. The report indicates that the Muslim Brotherhood was the first terrorist organization to establish the idea of global jihad, both theoretically and practically. They laid the intellectual and doctrinal foundations for themselves and for those who followed their path, which is clearly evident in the writings of Hassan el-Banna and Sayyid Qutb.

According to the report by “Al-Bawaba News,” among the most influential literature by Hassan el-Banna and Sayyid Qutb that paved the intellectual groundwork for current terrorist groups is the idea of rejecting national borders and not recognizing nationalities. This issue specifically caught the attention of Hassan el-Banna, who expressed it with the phrase: “Islam is a belief, a worship, a homeland, a nationality, a religion, a state, a spirituality, an action, a Quran, and a sword.”

Sayyid Qutb, the chief theorist of the group, also confirmed this idea in his most famous book, “Milestones.” He dedicated an entire chapter titled: “The Muslim’s Nationality and Belief,” in which he reiterated what el-Banna had said, stating: “The Muslim has no homeland except where God’s law is established, no nationality except his belief which makes him a member of the Muslim nation in the abode of Islam, and no kinship except that which stems from the belief in God.”

The theorists of various jihadist groups expressed the same concepts. Among them was the well-known jihadist “Musab al-Suri,” who fought in Afghanistan, and stated: “The Arab jihad in Afghanistan is the result of the previous Arab jihad, and it is one of the achievements of the Arab jihadist current in the Arab countries and one of its developmental stages.”

If we add to this the diverse support that extremist groups have received from the Muslim Brotherhood, whether material, moral, or logistical, it becomes easy to confirm that the Muslim Brotherhood is the nurturing mother of all jihadist theories and extremist groups around the world.

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