The Muslim Brotherhood’s conflicts reveal its divisions

A document published by the media revealed that the schisms that hit the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group started in 2016.

The document published by some media, dated May 20, 2016, stated that the Mohamed Kamal Front, which was known as the al-Chabab Movement, demanded accountability for those who incited the terrorist group.

The Mohamed Kamal Front, which was eliminated in armed clashes during a security raid in the Egyptian city of October 6, was carrying out armed attacks inside Egypt and founded the Hasm terrorist movement.

The publication includes the leaders of the Islamic Liberation Front, current Major General Mahmoud Hussein, Ibrahim Munir, the Istanbul Front’s Acting Chief Mustapha Tolba, and others between London and Istanbul

At the time, the movement tasked other officials with managing all the group’s affairs one year before the publication.

For months, the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood has been living through a war between two fronts. The first is led by the organization’s former secretary-general, Mahmoud Hussein, from inside Turkey, while the second is led by the organization’s acting leader, Ibrahim Munir, who lives in London.

The conflict escalated between the two groups and mobilized each other. The conflicts led to the announcement by Mahmoud Hussein’s front in Turkey of the removal of acting leader from London Ibrahim Munir from his position and the assumption of the duties of guide by Muslim Brotherhood leader Moustafa Tolba for six months.

According to observers and analysts, the ongoing dispute between the London Front and Ankara resulted in a third party fighting an open war against the two front, aiming at establishing an independent Brotherhood front and excluding Munir and Hussein from the scene entirely, taking advantage of the conflict between the two parties.

Ahmed Sultan, a researcher on political Islamist groups, said that the third front calls itself the General Office Front, and it has been active since the crisis broke out. Day after day, it is gaining new ground within the Brotherhood’s youth, who are fed up with the actions of the group’s sheiks and their struggle for money and influence.

“The General Office of the Muslim Brotherhood Front was established in 2015, but it had no influence in light of the strength of the organization”, he said. With the emergence of differences, it moved to raise the scene, and this move is led by the well-known Brotherhood leader Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar.

During the defection period, the General Office Front reached out to some Brotherhood leaders and young people to restore and renew the group’s blood, and to declare their exclusion from the two officially conflicting fronts, Sultan said.

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