The Muslim Brotherhood’s Destinations After Leaving Turkey

We monitor the destinations of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood elements after leaving Turkey 

Anxiety fills the hearts of the Brotherhood’s members present in Turkey, fearing the unknown that awaits them, following the statement of the Turkish Minister of Interior, Ali Yerlikaya, that Turkey is combating irregular foreign immigrants and that he issued instructions to pursue this category throughout the country.

The Brotherhood’s leadership is rushing to seek individual salvation for themselves and their families by obtaining a “Schengen” visa and infiltrating European countries, leaving behind the younger elements of the organization who face deportation or expulsion.

The Search for a Safe Haven Begins

According to informed sources, ever since the news started spreading about the imminent deportation of Brotherhood elements from Turkey and the extradition of convicts to Egypt, as part of the normalization of relations between Cairo and Ankara, panic has spread among the members of the organization. The Brotherhood’s elements have begun searching for a safe haven.

The sources stated that the arrests carried out among the ranks of the Brotherhood, the restrictions imposed on transferring money outside Turkey, the detention of violators of citizenship procedures, and the arrest of others in preparation for their extradition to Egypt or to a third country, have prompted the group to hurry to leave Turkey.

The sources indicated that the group has started searching for a safe haven based on social status, with senior members attempting to go to European countries through the associations and networks that the Brotherhood has built in recent years, including Islamic associations and extremist organizations. For example, the Muslim Council of Germany. Meanwhile, there is another group, including Sami Kamal Al-Din, trying to go to Eastern European countries such as Romania and Georgia.

Looking for a New Optional Exile, after they found the refuge constricted for them, as the host country prioritizes its national interests over narrow agendas, the Brotherhood is now looking for a safe haven, and East Asian countries are ready to accommodate a large number of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

Joining Terrorist Groups in Africa

The sources confirmed that the violent factions of the group have started looking for other places and are taking advantage of the situations in the African continent, which suffers from terrorist repercussions after the infiltration of movements like ISIS and al-Qaeda, and also going to war zones.

The instructions have been issued to the Brotherhood members to avoid falling under the weight of the law, and they have been called upon to leave Istanbul and escape to the provinces until they get out of what they call the “crisis” and go to the new countries.

The campaigns conducted by the Turkish security agencies to inspect identification papers and passports of residents may not be related to the Egyptian-Turkish normalization, but rather, it is a natural result of the policy to re-establish order in the Turkish streets and stop the process of selling citizenship and prevent the flow of refugees to Europe.

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