Émile’s disappearance: New revelations!

Suspicious Haut-Vernet resident, “I always wondered…”

Three weeks after Emile’s disappearance, the investigation and investigation are continuing, but the results are yet to be seen. So much so that a resident of Haut-Vernet starts to wonder…

It has now been almost three weeks since little Émile disappeared and since then the gendarmes have not relented.

Unfortunately, the hope of finding him alive is, so far, almost nil. But the research continues, though not everyone likes it. One resident interviewed by our colleagues at BFM TV did not hesitate to express her questions and suspicions about the investigation. According to her, the area of research – currently limited to the five kilometers around the place of disappearance – should be extended: ‘Down in the village [of Vernet] there are barns, there are places a little far away. I always wondered, from the beginning, why they didn’t search certain places, those that were a little abandoned…”

For the past week, investigators have been using drones to monitor the village where the boy disappeared. The objective according to BMF TV: “To detect heat emissions related to a lifeless body.” Even when dead, the human body releases CO2. According to our colleagues, this strategy aims to “remove doubts. To ensure that there are no bodies in this area.” For example, drones are still flying over the area where Emile was last seen. On shore, dogs specialized in the detection of corpses were deployed. At this stage, no new evidence has been collected.

Three weeks of research, but no clue

On July 8, the 2-and-a-half-year-old Émile disappeared without a trace while playing in his grandparents’ garden, located in the hamlet of Haut-Vernet (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence). Since then, there have been interrogations, beatings and telephone investigations to determine who was present in the hamlet at the time of the disappearance. Strategies that are all more fruitless than each other. If the gendarmes do not intend to give up, the investigation stalls…

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