The Prince of Daeish the doll of Erdogan that took him out to hide his defeats

The theater of anti-terrorism that the Turkish regime has harnessed
has become widely revealed
especially after the arrest of the head of the organization “Daeish” in Turkey, “Mahmoud Ozden”
who has been arrested many times since 2017 and released despite its danger
In 2017, Prince of Daeish suspected was arrested in Turkey on charges of membership of the terrorist organization
and has then released,
then in 2019, he was arrested again for forming a group extorting merchants
The question is :
While he’s dangerous, why is he released every time?
The answer is from time to time Erdogan takes his favorite doll out of his hiding place,
the leader of the terrorist organization Daeish in Turkey and arrested him,
in an attempt to distract the people from their continued defeats
especially in the economic sector, with the deterioration of the reading situation
and its decrease against the dollar.

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