The suffering of the Qatari Al Ghofran tribe over the Qatari system violations of their rights

A 24-year history of injustice and oppression
of people whose only fault is to have said no to a man who turned against his father
Indeed, it’s the tragedy of the Al-Ghofran tribe with the unjust organization of the Hamdeen
who deprived them of all their rights
by violating all international standards and deals
The Al- Ghofran tribe is one of the main branches of the Almurrah clan,
according to the latest statistics, constitute between 50 and 60% of the Qatari people
In 1996, Qatari authorities detained many members of the tribe
In 2000, they ordered the revocation of the nationality of 6,000 people
and from time to time the nationality of new individuals and sheikhs is canceled and their money confiscated
The tribe demands the restoration of nationality
the rectification of the status of his children, the return of those expelled to their job
the unification of families and the restoration of rights and benefits
Among the major violations committed by the Qatari state to international human rights law against Al-Ghofran
The right to a nationality and obligatory displacement
violations of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

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