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The UAE Calls for Comprehensive Solution in Yemen and Confrontation of Houthi Destabilization Schemes

The UAE has called for a comprehensive solution in Yemen as part of its efforts to achieve peace in the region. It emphasized that a comprehensive and lasting solution can only be achieved through a national dialogue that brings together all Yemeni factions. The UAE reaffirmed its support for the United Nations’ efforts to achieve security, stability, and prosperity for Yemen and its people.

Yemeni File

In a statement, Amira Al Hafeeti, Deputy Permanent Representative of the UAE Mission to the United Nations, highlighted positive developments in the Yemeni situation over the past week. This includes the release of the five United Nations staff members who were abducted in the Abyan governorate in February of the previous year. The statement also mentioned the successful emptying of the oil tanker “Safer,” preventing a potential environmental and humanitarian catastrophe. The UAE expressed appreciation for the efforts of the United Nations and the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen in ensuring the success of these operations.

Peaceful Resolution

The statement underlined that achieving peace requires a comprehensive ceasefire and practical steps toward this goal. These steps include the release of all prisoners and detainees based on the principle of “all for all,” as well as opening roads and lifting the blockade on the city of Taiz to end the suffering of its residents, which has persisted for over eight years. The UAE expressed regret for the actions committed by the Houthi forces and their statements that do not contribute to building the necessary trust for resuming the political process.

The statement reiterated that the deteriorating humanitarian and economic conditions due to the restrictions imposed on humanitarian organizations by the Houthis, which also affect private sector companies, reveal the Houthis’ lack of commitment to their responsibilities toward the Yemeni people. This includes providing necessary services and paying salaries. It stressed that the Houthis must prioritize the Yemeni people’s interests above any other agendas and refrain from taking arbitrary actions that exacerbate suffering across Yemen.

Unceasing Terrorism

Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Ansi, President of Yemen First Organization and Yemeni political analyst, stated that the Houthi militia has turned Yemeni cities into a bloodbath through brutal missile attacks on residential neighborhoods and forcing tens of thousands of their members and children into the fires of war. The Houthis have committed a series of violations amounting to war crimes, in violation of international law, local laws, agreements, and international treaties.

He added that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are making significant efforts to stabilize Yemen and counter the Houthi terrorist schemes in the country. These efforts aim not only for Yemen’s stability but also for the stability of the entire region.

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