Legendary Auction… Chinese Porcelain Bowl Sold for a Thousand Times Its Price

A Chinese porcelain bowl worth 100 British pounds was sold for a thousand times its price at an auction in England due to expectations that it dates back to the Ming Dynasty era of Chinese emperors who ruled China from 1368 to 1644.

Auction organizers noted that the blue and white colored dish was common during the Ming Dynasty.

The auction started at just 30 British pounds, ending up with a final bid of 100,000 British pounds.

Michael Roberts, the auctioneer, said, “We are just happy for the seller; the bowl certainly exceeded expectations.”

He added, “All of this is part of the excitement of auctions; a few people really want something and the bidding can rise dramatically.”

During the Ming Dynasty era, China enjoyed over 300 years of stability, and various forms of literature, art, poetry, music, and Chinese opera flourished.

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