“The UAE Field Hospital” in Chad Continues to Provide Services to Sudanese Brothers and the Local Community

The “UAE Field Hospital,” constructed by the United Arab Emirates in the Chadian city of “Amdjarass,” continues to support Sudanese refugees in the Republic of Chad by providing medical services to the most vulnerable groups, including patients, children, elderly, and women from Sudan as well as members of the local community. Since its opening on the ninth of July and until today, the hospital has received 1,744 medical cases, including 173 orthopedic cases, 225 surgeries, 1,346 internal medicine cases, and 11 operations.

The establishment of the hospital comes as part of the humanitarian, relief, and medical support provided by the United Arab Emirates to Sudanese brothers affected by the difficult humanitarian conditions resulting from the conflict in their country since early April. It also aims to support the friendly Republic of Chad in responding to the humanitarian consequences arising from the arrival of a large number of Sudanese refugees due to the situation in Sudan.

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