The UN concerns about the Houthi escalation in Hodeidah: Unacceptable Violations

The United Nations show worries about escalation of Houthi terrorist militia
in Al-Hodeidah Governorate and they consider that as unacceptable violations
while Hodeidah fronts lived heavy combat after a huge attack by the Houthi militia
Then the NU mission stated
that it received worrying information over the situation of escalating conflicts in the governorate
and it seeing that as contradictory with the cease-fire commitments
and that the consequences are unacceptable
On his part, the head of the redeployment committee that includes a delegation from the government and the Houthi militia
declared that the major reason for the deal, which is entering its third year, was the safety and security of the citizens
appealing on the Houthi militia to calm the current state
and allow United Nations observers to access the worry sites
The statement said that the sites of violence present in the town and in the Hodeidah city
indicates a Houthi plan for escalation
as a pressure paper to impose their demands to a isolate zone
and guarantee a permanent presence in the three ports

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