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The UN food agency indicated the suffering of people in Syria because of the insufficient food

The UN food agency declared that 12.4 million people in war-ravaged Syria are fighting to find sufficient food to eat, in an increase that it called as alarming.

The World Food Program stated that the number means 60 percent of the Syrian populations are now food insecure, based on results of a nationwide evaluation in late 2020. In fact, this figure indicates a severe increase from 9.3 million people who were food insecure in May last year.

WFP spokeswoman, Jessica Lawson, informed AFP: More Syrians are slipping deeper into hunger, poverty and food insecurity than ever before. It is alarming that a basic meal is now beyond the reach of the majority of families.

During ten year, the war in Syria has deteriorated the economy and increased the inflation across the country. WFP reported that, in early 2021, food prices nationwide were 33 times higher than the five-year pre-war average.

Furtehrmore, a terrible financial crisis in neighboring Lebanon that has reduced dollar inflows and lockdowns to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic have increased economic crisis.

Lawson also said: The economic situation in Syria is putting immense pressure on families who have nothing left after years of conflict and many depend entirely on humanitarian assistance to survive.

Since starting in 2011 with the hard repression of anti-government protests, the Syrian conflict has caused the death of more than 387,000 people and displaced millions more from their homes.

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